Enviro-Lube-Biodegradable-Lubricant-IIEnviro-Lube, multi-purpose environmental-friendly compound and lubricant

Enviro-Lube is a high performance, environmental-friendly compound for all high load /slow speed connections. The product is technologically advanced, extremely water resistant, biodegradable grease formulated with non-toxic and environmentally friendly additives. There for providing excellent corrosion protection and maximum adhesion to wet surfaces over a wide temperature range. It contains no solids.

Recommended uses: extreme industrial applications, open gears, extreme pressure sliding applications in marine and other exposed environments.


MSDS  Yellow Y1  Cefas “E”

  • Jack-Up gears (rack & pinion / pin & box)
  • All open gears
  • sliding

  • Offshore oil & gas drilling (jack-up gears)
  • Offshore wind installation (jack-up gears, stern rollers & gear winches)
  • Specialty offshore vessels (stern rollers & gear winches)
  • Ship wharfs (sliding)
  • Government (open gears for sea & inland locks / sluices)

• Yellow Y1 for Norwegian waters
• Cefas “ E “ for UK & Dutch waters
• VGP EAL for US waters (US EPA)

• Call (+31 (0) 628226517 for information of OEM approvals for auto lubrication systems and jacking systems designers

Biodegradability lubricant

  • Enviro Lube by Green Barrel 91%
  • Competitor 1 60%
  • Competitor 2 30%%
  • Competitor 3 55%

Competition matrix


Base Oil




    Yellow CEFAS E EPA World
Enviro-Lube plant yes yes yes yes
Competitor 1 plant no no no yes
Competitor 2 oil yes no no yes
Competitor 3 plant yes yes no no

Enviro-Lube on OTC Houston presentation