Enviro-1-Biodegradable-Lubricant-IIEnviro-1, multi-purpose thread compound and lubricant

Technologically advanced, extremely water resistant, biodegradable base grease formulated with natural mineral fillers and other environmentally friendly additives. It contains no metals or PTFE. Excellent adhesion to wet joints over a wide temperature range and protects threads for superior makeup and breakout performance. It has the added convenience of being light in color to assure consistent coverage.

ThredOn Enviro-1 is classified as Yellow Y1 according to the Norwegian offshore environmental guidelines, based on HOCNF documentation. Classified as E by CEFAS (registration number 25214).

Recommended uses: rotary shouldered connections, tubing and casing, especially in environmentally sensitive areas; legs of Jack Ups, storage and thread protection, slides, and any highly loaded, slow moving surface.

MSDS  Yellow Y1  Cefas “E”

  • Drill pipe, tool joints & top drive saver sub
  • Casing running tool
  • Jack-up gears (rack & pinion / pin & box)
  • Skidding cantilever
  • All open gears


  • Offshore oil & gas drilling
  • Onshore oil & gas drilling
  • Offshore wind installation (manual application for jack-up gears, stern rollers & gear winches)
  • Ship wharfs (sliding)
  • Government (open gears for sea & inland locks / sluices)


• Yellow Y1 for Norwegian waters
• Cefas “E“ for UK & Dutch waters
• VGP EAL for US waters (US EPA)

• Call (+31 (0) 628226517 for information on OEM approvals for drill pipe manufacturers and jacking systems designers

  • Low friction factor, safer connections
  • Resistant to high torques without breaking the threads
  • Less dope, same performance
  • Non aggressive to internal seals
  • Absorbs dirt
  • Separates water and contamination
  • Stable viscosity
  • Reduce corrosion
  • Reduce re-cutting
  • Extend drill pipe life time
  • Extend rig up-time
  • Avoid yard pollution
  • Non-hazardous to personnel
  • 25-30% Longer running hours


Biodegradability lubricant

  • Enviro-1 by Green Barrel 80%
  • Competitor 1 20%
  • Competitor 2 10%
  • Competitor 3 50%


Color Beige
Texture Smooth, tacky
Base fluid Synthetic ester
Environmental status Biodegradable, non-toxic
Penetration (ASTM D217) 310-330 – NLGI 1
Four-ball EP weld point (ASTM D2596) 620 kgf
Copper corrosion (ASTM D4048) 1b max
Temperature range Minus 40°F to 400°F (minus 40°C to 200°C)
Friction Factor 1.0