Yellow Y1 + Cefas ” E ” approvals for maximum market potential

Setting: A large European owner of Offshore (Wind) Installation Vessels (OIV) had one of it`s vessels working for a major oil and gas company. The vessel was used as a working vessel along side a hydrocarbon production platform for a maintenance and work over job. The authorities found out that the respective grease the OIV-owner used on their jacking systems was not compliant by the regulations set by the same authorities.

Problem: When an installation vessel works for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, that vessel must comply by that same industry standards. Therefore all chemicals/lubricants used for the job must be REACH compliant according to the OSPAR protocol in effort to be allowed working for that client.

Solution: The Offshore Wind Installation Vessel owner contacted the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the jacking systems of that vessel working for that major oil company. Because Green Barrel had already established contacts with that OEM, they recommended to consult Green Barrel for the proper solution for their problem.

At this moment the client is very happy with the performance of the product and the service provided by Green Barrel. By using Enviro-1 the client has a fully biodegradable product protecting their equipment and simultaneously maximizing their operating window.

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