Nature and technology provide solutions for today`s environmental challenges

CompassOur mission

Green Barrel originates by the conviction that nature and technology provide solutions for today`s environmental challenges. Sometimes the answer to the solution if often right under your nose. Green Barrel strives to stay ahead of the curve by constantly monitoring the status quo, identifying upcoming industry trends regarding regulations, law and technologies resulting in environmental-friendly solutions for your applications in the field. Do not look further, Green Barrel is your extra pair of eyes as your maritime operations expand further into harsher and environmentally challenger environments. Go green and create a greater risk awareness because in today`s world of transparency all kind of risks are lurking below the water.


Niels Binnendijk, owner and founder of Green Barrel is all energy. After graduating at InterCollege Business School The Hague, in economics, Niels started his career as a derivatives trader on the trading floor at Amsterdam Exchanges. At that time the biggest derivatives exchange in Europe. This is where he developed his trading and risk management skills. But fore mostly to survive in that world, staying ahead of the curve was vital. By founding Green Barrel Niels combines all assets, interests and competences he developed over his life and career. Niels has always been a front runner is his career.


The manufacturer

The name South Coast Products, LP (SOCO) has meant industry leadership in quality lubricants, sealants, and packing for over half a century. Chemola’s roots can be traced back to its European origins in the 1930s. The founder immigrated to the USA in the early 1940s and established his business, partially on the strength of his work in the US Navy. SOCO specializes in formulating lubricants to meet the severe demands of industrial requirements. All of the products at SOCO are the result of industrial needs. Our customers come to us with specific applications which have posed lubrication problems, we solve them. Our portfolio of products stems from thirty (plus) years of accumulated problem solving. Our facilities include twenty seven processing tanks capable of batch sizes ranging from 40 pounds to 20,000 pounds. We can accommodate the needs of small as well as large usage customers. Finally SOCO also specializes in private label manufacturing.

“You maybe able to fool the voters, but not the atmosphere.”

Donella H. Meadows