Biodegradable marine and offshore lubricants


Enviro-Lube-Biodegradable-LubricantEnviro-Lube, multi-purpose environmental-friendly compound and lubricant

Enviro-Lube is a high performance, environmental-friendly compound for all high load /slow speed connections. The product is technologically advanced, extremely water resistant, biodegradable grease formulated with non-toxic and environmentally friendly additives. There for providing excellent corrosion protection and maximum adhesion to wet surfaces over a wide temperature range. It contains no solids.


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Enviro-1-Biodegradable-LubricantEnviro-1, multi-use thread compound and lubricant

Technologically advanced, extremely water resistant, biodegradable base grease formulated with natural mineral fillers and other environmentally friendly additives. It contains no metals or PTFE. Excellent adhesion to wet joints over a wide temperature range and protects threads for superior makeup and breakout performance. It has the added convenience of being light in color to assure consistent coverage.


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